Aerial video

At Connect & See we are unique in the industry to have in-house, UAV (Un-manned Aerial Vehicles) and Vehicle mounted telescopic mast systems. Our vehicle mounted telescopic mast system gives a birds eye view and using these we can operate our broadcast quality HD cameras with radio microphones producing stunning to-camera-footage. With this system our full HD cameras can be used to provide a seamless change between views with no loss of image quality. The pan and tilt head used to mount the camera has precise 360 degree pan and tilt movement with the camera being completely remotely controlled with variable speed zoom control. All this is controlled from the base station within the vehicle itself.

Our state of the art UAV’s – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – produce footage that is pretty much impossible to obtain in any other way. The UAV’s are able to maintain a steady hover, automatically controlled by GPS technology. With a gyro stabilised camera the images are steady even when the UAV itself is moving around. It can be flown almost anywhere and up to a height of 120 metres, that’s 400 feet and is operated by a CAA -civil aviation authority - certified pilot. To ensure top quality images, the UAV’s carry full HD video cameras including the Canon EOS 5d in addition to high resolution stills cameras with Leica lenses. The birds eye view from the UAV is viewed in real time on the monitor in the ground control base station. The finished video is then edited to give your business the professional edge.